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Since turning 30, I have noticed that when I miss exercising for a few weeks, my body let's me know about it with fierceness and I feel like crap and look very haggard. I have done the whole intense workouts in high school and in college back in the day when I was a competitive athlete and have been totally burnt out on exercising until recently.
With exercise on the brain this morning, I thought I would show my favorite workouts that I currently do and LOVE them or would LOVE to try.

It would be rad to have a little work out series and be able to share all those links in one post, so I am presenting:

NOTE: I am no expert, nor am I an avid, crazy fitness guru. However, I like to be toned, wear cute clothes, and most importantly, I LOVE FOOD. So I gotta do something to burn those extra calorie, right? Starting with:
Jackie Warner. I love this WORKOUT video, it's great!! I usually pick a segment that I feel like doing for the Day. The ab routine is awesome because I hate sit-ups and get bored very easily, she switches it up pretty nicely which I appreciate.
Since then, she has a new website and has also come up with a lot of neat DVDs and books that I am very eager to try!

This one is great because I get sick of listening to the same conversation from the videos 
and can listen to my own music and have a great time!

Love a good ab routine! My waistline is where I pack on the pounds...

Love the 1 minute break in between...

This ENTIRE SITE has some goodies all over the place, must check it out!! Here's the most interesting one,

From Slenderly Slim, 

WHOA! I have been wanting to try this from the Domestic Mama,

Need another reason to exercise?

Anybody have any favorite exercises to share, with their links, and why you LOVE them??

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