Another Way to Eat Cookies...

Last month, I had a good friend introduce this stuff to me... I was very reluctant to try, because who needs to put butter on cookies? <-- Oh such an ignorant thought! This stuff is awesome, sure you can put it on your cookies, but you should add it to your fruit, ice cream, waffles, pretzels, etc... It's AWESOME! It's a great end of the day snack/treat or stress reliever. ;) When I tried to buy it for the first time, I was told by the cashier that they were sold out for the day and then was explained that if I showed up bright and early the next morning when they opened, I could buy one at the front desk. This was the daily routine for selling this yumminess. They were rationing this stuff because some genius' out there was buying the whole box and selling this goodness on eBay for $20 a pop! I am quite happy that they would only sell one at a time so that I could experience the awesomeness - Trader Joe's is so awesome for caring about their customers! Anyways, give it try, it's under $4 at the store or buy it for 3 times as much on amazon. They even sell a crunchy version!


Rockin' to the Check in Our Own Houndstooth

We are still rockin' to No Doubt's latest album, Push and Shove. Their lead singer loves her some herringbone and my daughter loves watching videos of her rocking out, so I thought I would quickly make a rock star outfit of her own to jump and dance to today. ��



Dearly touched...

Since having my baby last month, life has been a blur. This is my fourth child... people told me #4 is easiest - they lie. I should be a pro with number 4 but sadly, I am not... With that said, we have had a lot of good friends and family come visit the new baby and help me keep the fam happy - I feel so lucky to have such a amazing people in my life. One of my many guests left this on one of my message boards, not sure who but I am truly blessed... and LOVED!  :)

It's such a simple gesture, but it has meant the WORLD to me.
I need to be this thoughtful...

My latest and LONGEST project.

Something I have been whipping up the last 10 months.
Little man has taken been taking all my spare time... and sanity.

Loving the baby fog!


Stand In Holy Places, Camp Logos Part 2

 Part 2 of Standing in Holy Places for Young Women's Camp, with white and grey backgrounds. Possible sweatshirt colors. Last year we did black, white is not very camp friendly, so I am wondering how the girls might like it in a grey. These are the colors they are really loving this year... (again all 8x10 printables)


Stand Ye in Holy Places, High Heels 8x10

Working on some camp logos for a bunch of girls whom I adore... here's one I have been working on.
I decided to make this an 8x10 print for those who wanted to copy and print out. 

The scripture used for this is: 
Wherefore, stand ye in holy places, and be not moved, until the day of the Lord come; for behold, it cometh quickly, saith the Lord. D&C 87:8

copyright 2013, for personal use only.


The Scrapped Book

I visited Hello Lovely (btw - such a great blog!) the other day and read Michele's post, Its Complicated [Fall Inspiration] and fell in love with the stacked books that you will find scattered throughout the house - très chic! Which had me thinking about an idea I saw a good friend do a few years ago, and that was finding a book with a cool title, then ripping pages, adding scrapbook paper, and inserting photos...

I am not a scrapbook-er, REPEAT, I cannot scrapbook to save my life and have given up years ago after many, many failed attempts. However, I like to have easy access to photos and I love the idea of picture albums and scrapbooks. I love journals, memorabilia, recipes, inspiration notebooks AND I love the look of a real book. There is definitely an organic feel that a bound book can offer, you know? It would be neat to have books around my house with spunky titles and easy enjoyment for the eyes.

So here's a quick ans simple tutorial for these "scrapped books"...

  • cheap book
  • decorative/scrapbook paper
  • scissors
  • glue stick, acid free

1. Go to the Dollar store, find a book with a fun title, and neat cover/binding details. Sometimes you have to remove the paper cover/sleeve and check out what's underneath.

May I add, stay away from classic titles or vintage books, it would be like swearing at church. Classics should be read and cherished and vintage books are rare and one of a kind! Put the razor down and find a new book.

2. Rip out pages! I use an Exacto knife and open the open and cut along the inside crease. I take out about 4-6 pages, leave 2 pages, remove 4-6 pages, leave 2 pages, and repeat, repeat, repeat through the rest of the book. Save that paper. There are a lot of crafts you can find online to use the papers you are taking out - waste not! The book will start to look really empty but that's okay, remember that you are filling it back up with goodies!

3. The 2 pages you left, glue them together. This will help stabilize the pages.

4. Measure and cut your scrapbook paper to almost match the surface you will be gluing to... so, if the page is 5" (width) by 7" (height), I would measure 4 3/5" (width) by 7" (height). If you don't, the pages kind of fight with each other in the cracks. This was the annoying part... lot's and lot's of cutting.

5. Glue. Apply adhesive all over the book page and the back of your decorative paper and attach together. Do that to each side of the pages you made in your book.

 6. Put stuff in your book! Originally for photos, this could also make a great journal, book to hold recipes, your favorite thoughts, a source to keep inspiration in one place,
[ I just glue photos inside, no stickers, no tags or other scrapbook stuff, JUST photos.
But if you are the very talented veteran scrapbook-er then PLEASE have fun with it! :) ]

or a great way to store all those announcements and Christmas letters and photos.

It won't look perfect and there will be some mess ups and learning experiences along the way but that's what makes it so real, unique, and lived. Out of all the years I have been creating stuff, most people - MOST people- won't notice the flaws until you point them out. So have fun with it and be kind to yourself! 

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