Last Minute, NO SEW Witch Costume

I made up this pattern for my daughter and it's SO EASY that I had to share it with you all! AND it requires NO sewing and takes less than 15 minutes to whip up! All you need is stretchy JERSEY fabric or fleece for extra warmth, something to tie around your waist, scissors, and a safety pin or two or three..! :)

Let's start with the cape:
Step one, measure the distance between the shoulder line and the floor, then times that by 2. My daughter has about 30 inches between the top of her shoulder to the floor line, so I doubled that amount and got 60. Step one will give you the length you need to buy for your fabric.

Step two, spread arms apart (like the letter "T") and measure the distance between wrist to wrist. That's how wide the fabric must be in order to drape over her arms.

Step 3, cut lengthwise through the center of the fabric and stop half way.

Step 4, cut long slashed along the outer edge of your fabric and gently tug on the strands to give a stringy look.

C'est Voila! Layer over black clothing and you have your witches cape. From there you can belt it with any rope, cording, belt, or ribbon laying around.

Want to go one step further?
Add a second piece of fabric under this cape. I used the same lengthwise measurement from step one BUT kept the width a little wider than shoulder length - so not nearly as wide as the wrist to wrist length in step 2. With this piece, I cut a hole (more like a slit) wide enough for my daughter's head to fit through along the shoulder line. Safety pin ribbon, rope, or etc to the back waistline to prevent slippage as you tie your your belt across your dress and cape.

I like pinning on the under layer and tying around the bodice with the front of the cape. 
That way, the back of the cape is free and flowy. 

Make sense? Hope so! 
Happy Halloween!

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