Isn't She Lovely?

My favorite sister got married last Saturday. Isn't she lovely?

I had the wonderful honor of making her wedding gown! It was so fun to be able to collaborate and design this super classy and spunky dress with her. We spent HOURS and lost a few pounds walking around downtown LA finding the perfect lace.

Sequined lace. Who would have thought she would have fallen in love with it. She loves to keep things simple and sequins was one of her big "NO's" on her list. Everything about this lace was perfect for her. 

With that said, never have limitations when buying fabric or a garment for that matter. Give everything a try, take time, because it's always the one you least expect that you end up loving the most.

It was a beautiful event and a beautiful day. 
She was Lovely. 

btw, Las Vegas is beautiful and not overwhelming hot in October.

I used Vogue Pattern V8766 as a starting point for this dress. I liked not having to start from scratch because I had about a month to sew it and only less than a hand full of days to fit her in it, YIKES! I live in another state so it totally made things interesting... I give this pattern a B+ because I hated the darts in the sleeves, they squared out pretty weird and never looked quite right... at least with the sequined fabric we used. So I made a new sleeve pattern. Over all it was a great pattern to start with!

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