Beach Balls

Hello! So here's what I've got planned for today... Decorative Sea Shell Balls. They were easy and quick to get done. I have 3 monkeys to chase after and Mondays are so hectic. I thought this would be a great way to quickly update the home.

Decorative Ball:
  • Shells, I found mine on the beach and the dollar store,
  • Foam Decorative Balls,
  • Hot Glue and gun.

One fabulous step: Glue shells on the foam balls!

Notice the third ball; after gluing the shells to the foam balls, I still had a lot of leftover shells. So I threw them into a round glass vase from the dollar store. They are about the same size as the foam balls and I think it turned out all right.


Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Really clever! I will have to try this!

Dr Sonia S V said...

I love your frame and the ball. Have a shell craft on my blog too. Here is the link:http://cardsandschoolprojects.blogspot.com/search/label/Shell%20Art%20and%20Craft

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