Beach Loving...

Here is a quick and EASY decor idea to quickly update your home for summer - it took less than 30 minutes to do and could be made easily under $5.

I saw these cute framed shells here,
and thought I could easily make my own, so here's what I did...

  • hot glue and gun,
  • frame,
  • decorative card stock,
  • shells (thank you dollar store).

Cut card stock to fit the frame and put in before the glass (Glass will hide behind the cardstock).
Lay out your shells to their desired location on the cardstock.
Apply glue to the shells and adhere them to the cardstock. Move fast so the glue doesn't dry when you put the shells on but with precision so that your shells won't look sloppy - I bought extra cardstock in case I made a mistake.

Et Voila! You are done - Easy Right?


Jeannies Bottle said...

This looks great and is so easy....I'm going to try it. thanks!

unmitigated me said...

I did this with a shadowbox frame I found at a thrift store. A few of the shells were a little boring, so I used silver and gold craft paint to liven up a couple.

Riva said...

Great idea!!

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